Awards & Scholarships

Annually, there are 3 opportunities offered to members living in COCHF housing co-ops.

Co-operative Young Leaders (CYL) Program

The CYL Program is a week-long summer camp that bring young people together from all across Ontario.  Ontario credit unions and co-operatives have partnered in ON Co-op’s CYL Program to give youth a chance to strengthen communication & leadership skills.  Since its inception in 1967 youth from across Ontario have attended the CYL summer camp.

Diversity Scholarship(s)

In 2013, COCHF began to award the Diversity Scholarship(s) in partnership with the CHFT Charitable Fund.  The program is for people living in COCHF member housing co-ops. An important element of the scholarship is the strong commitment to diversity shown by the applicants in their communities. Students are awarded their scholarships largely based on their community involvement in their schools, co-op communities and in a variety of community based organizations.

Co-op Service Award

2016 will mark the 11th year that the Co-op Service Awards have been presented by COCHF, on behalf of its member co-operatives.  This is a wonderful way to give recognition to volunteers and staff who have made a significant contribution to their co-op.