Housing Co-op Sector

COCHF is one of the 12 regional associations of housing co-ops in English speaking Canada which include nine regional federations and three regional offices of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada).  CHF Canada is the national association of housing co-ops representing co-ops from coast to coast.  The regional and national associations share a common purpose which is to promote the long-term well being of non-profit housing co-ops in Canada and the development of more non-profit co-operative housing.

The regional and national federation work together to co-ordinate their services and activities.  CHF Canada provides services to co-ops all across Canada, however direct services to most co-ops are delivered through their regional federation or regional office.  COCHF and CHF Canada have a Sector Membership agreement in place where housing co-ops that are members of COCHF or CHF Canada will also be members of the other organization.  Click here for a contact list of regional housing co-operative federations across Canada.

Click here to visit CHF Canada’s website that includes important co-op sector news, tools & resources.