Representing co-op housing employees since 1994

“CSACO is a non-profit, democratic organization that represents and supports the staff of housing co-operatives. CSACO promotes staff as stakeholders in the co-op housing sector. It values the principles of co-operation and works to strengthen the co-op housing sector.”

How to become a CSACO Member:  Contact the CSACO President, Florence Carbray.                                                                               Work Tel: 519-740-1892 /

When Do We Meet: CSACO Members meet once a month to exchange information, share ideas, and organize activities.

Annual Member Dues: $160/year.                                                                                                 Some co-ops choose to pay the dues on behalf of their staff person.  Dues paid directly by staff members are tax deductible.

Click here to download the CSACO Member Application Form – and forward a completed copy to and/or CSACO President.

Who We Are:

The Co-operative Staff Association of Central Ontario (CSACO) is a co-operative whose members are individuals who work in housing co-operatives.  CSACO members include managers, co-ordinators, bookkeepers, maintenance workers and administrative staff working full or part time.

It is a separate organization from COCHF and it has its own by-laws and its own Board of Directors.  Our members work primarily in Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, Brantford and Cambridge. Some members no longer work in co-ops, but have remained members of CSACO.

2016-2017 Board of Directors:
President: Florence Carbray
Vice-President: Marcie Cote
Treasurer:  Stephen Rier
Secretary:  Janet Rose-Jump
Director-at-Large: Judith Sainsbury

IYC CSACO Nov 20 2012

CSACO Member Services:

The monthly networking meetings include guest speakers from the co-op housing sector, Cost Cutter suppliers, and other organizations who can provide support to housing co-operatives.  Other stand-alone educational events sponsored by the Association have included WHMIS training, software training, conflict resolution training, and first aid/CPR certification.

We also hold social events for members to increase opportunities to network in a less formal setting.

We are able to provide financial assistance to members who require legal advice.  We also publish a contact list (phone, fax and e-mail) for members to encourage the growth of a staff network.

The annual Staff Education Forum has become CSACO`s signature event, organized in co-operation with the Co-ordinators`Association of Southwestern Ontario (CASO).  It is normally held each February at the Elm Hurst Inn in Ingersoll.  This annual event is an incredible networking and learning opportunity at an affordable cost.

Staff`s Voice in the Co-op Housing Sector:

CSACO is a full member organization of CHF Canada and COCHF. We also work with other co-op staff organizations to ensure that staff’s voice is heard in the co-op sector. We elect a member for the staff position on the COCHF Board, and help select the staff representative on the CHF Canada Ontario Region Council.  CSACO members are serving or have served in many key positions in the co-op sector. CSACO representatives also participate in conference call and face-to-face meetings with other staff associations.  Visit (created by the Ontario Co-op Housing Staff Associations Network), to access helpful links & resources.