COCHF provides experienced and neutral outside chairpersons for co-op meetings.  Meetings can be: a difficult meeting, a special meeting or a regular meeting such as an AGM.  A chairperson for a Board meeting can also be provided.

Click here to download the chairing service brochure, which includes current pricing and process to request an outside chair from COCHF.

Each COCHF member co-op gets a FREE Chair for one meeting during each calendar year!
If it is preferred, the co-op can request an Elections Officer instead of a chairperson.

When should a co-op use an outside chair at a meeting?

Here are a few of the situations where the co-op should consider using an outside Chair for a meeting.

    • There is no one available from within the co-op who can act as or will be seen as a neutral Chair for a discussion on a major agenda item.
    • The Board has decided that the meeting agenda requires an experience level of chairing that is not available in the co-op for the meeting.
    • A members’ meeting has been requisitioned by members and an agenda item on the requisition relates to a disagreement with or other matter relating to the Board or individual directors on the Board.

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How to request an outside Chair from COCHF

  1. First, check your co-ops by-laws to see if there are any requirements limiting who can be a meeting Chair.
  2. A request for a neutral Chair should be the result of a recorded decision made by the co-op Board at a Board meeting.
  3. The request is submitted to COCHF on the Chairing Request Form and signed by an authorized representative of the co-op.
  4. COCHF will notify the co-op office to confirm the neutral Chair for the requested meeting date.

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Fees for Chairing

The first request for an outside chair in a calendar year is FREE! For the first request in a calendar year from a member co-op, COCHF provides a Chair at no cost to the co-op for the first 3 hours.

For subsequent chairing requests, COCHF will charge its usual chairing/consulting fee as follows for COCHF member co-ops:

  •  $40/hour for each hour the chair is present at the meeting plus any consultation or preparation time prior to the Call to Order.  The minimum charge is $125.  The co-op will also be charged for the Chair’s travel (per km) to and from the meeting at the current federation rate for reimbursement.

Contact COCHF for fees charged for non-member co-ops.

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