Co-op Cost Cutters Program


When you use Co-op Cost Cutters, you strengthen co-op buying power!

Co-op Cost Cutters is a buying program and service of all the local federations in Ontario. Co-ops that are members of COCHF can access the specials and deals, as well as other benefits of the program.  This program offers special deals on products & services used by housing co-ops. The program offers discounts on paint, flooring, building maintenance supplies, credit checks, lighting, appliances, office supplies and more.

NOTE: Accounts with Cost Cutters suppliers are managed through the co-op’s office, and it is the
co-op who holds the account with each supplier company.  Individual co-op members can take advantage of the program if products are ordered through the co-op’s office account.

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Why should co-ops use the Co-op Cost Cutters Program?

Co-ops working together means the combined buying power of all co-ops increases by getting better and favourable pricing based on volume sales.

Based on Principle 6, Co-operation Among Co-operatives, the program unites over 450 co-ops across Ontario. The more you use the program, the greater our collective buying power is for co-op discounts.

To learn more about the Co-op Cost Cutters Program, click here.

What are the benefits  of using Co-op Cost Cutters Suppliers?

  • Saving time and effort: Your co-op does not need to research services and pricing.
    The companies that are part of the cost-cutter program are researched by the Co-op Cost Cutter Co-ordinator. They undergo stringent testing and are constantly being reviewed to ensure that they continue to provide quality service to members. Companies that don’t provide good service are withdrawn from the program.
  • Backing of the Housing Co-op Sector: If your co-op is not satisfied with the service received, the federation will intervene at your co-op’s request to get the problem solved.
    Suppliers are chosen based on their reputation, their ability to serve most co-ops in the area of the program and their willingness to offer co-ops preferred pricing.  Prices are regularly evaluated and are based on the total volume of business conducted by the supplier with all co-ops purchasing the product or the service.
  • Exploring new opportunities: The program continues to evolve and change, with new services being provided as the opportunities arise.
  • Saving money: Your co-op saves money by taking advantage of the buying power of over 450 housing co-operatives across Ontario.

Things to consider in the future

  • Continue to use the services that benefit your co-op
  • Use local suppliers when that is the most cost-effective strategy
  • A small revenue stream for the federation, based on total sales from the COCHF members.
    This enables the federation to provide services with reduced pressure on member dues.